We have been advised by a number of employees that they applied for unemployment benefits before learning of Holcomb’s plan to provide employees with 60% of their regular scheduled hours through 3/21/20, to assist employees if there was a lag in their payments from unemployment.  These employees expressed concern about the accuracy of their unemployment claim and the possibility of it being considered insurance fraud.  Rest assured, you have done nothing wrong. Your pay stub or live paycheck has  been mailed out to you so that you will be able to see your gross wages paid last week. 


You can simply update your information through the Division of Unemployment Insurance’s website at:




Further, to continue your unemployment benefits it will be necessary for you to re-certify each week.  When you do, you should accurately report the part-time hours you have received, as well as your gross wages for that period. You will remain eligible for benefits, but your benefits may be reduced to reflect your continued earnings.


Going forward, the government has put plans in place to take care of your unemployment payments until work returns. We are happy that we were able to provide assistance to you while this was being ironed out.


For additional information, you can refer to the Division of Unemployment Insurance’s website: